Day 430: Medellin Metro-cable

The Medellin Metro-cable system was something that we were told we couldn’t leave the city without riding. The beautiful and amazing thing about this metro-cable is that it’s treated as if it’s simply another metro line in the city. You don’t have to pay anything extra to hitch an aerial ride up the side of the mountain. Pablo, our Real City tour guide was beyond proud of not only the Medellin Metro-cable, but of the entire metro system. He told us that he wasn’t the only one either. Everyone in Medellin is proud of their public transport system. So proud, that he pointed out you won’t see any graffiti on the train, trash, or anyone being disrespectful. It’s true. The metro is clean. There wasn’t one scratch to be seen. The Medellin Metro-cable was installed for the main purpose of allowing the poorer population that lives high up into the mountainside an affordable, easier method of travel. In another part of the city, free escalators have been installed for the same purpose. We went for a ride in the metro-cable to not only see the city from above, but also to check out Parque Arvi. As always, we seemed to time it perfectly and got off the last metro-cable car right as it started to rain. We didn’t stay long, and instead enjoyed a peaceful and beautiful ride back down into the city below.